A most cherished time of the year

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A most cherished time of the year
Christmas is one of the most cherished times of the year. Throughout the world, people anticipate its celebration with colorful festivities that take on varied expressions in different cultures. It is a time in which the beautiful sounds of carols soothe our ears and hearts. It is a time in which our eyes are mesmerized by delightful decorations. It is a time in which all kinds of gifts are generously exchanged. It is a time of beauty, unity and hope.
For Christians, the spirit of this time is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus, the Word through whom all good things were made, took on flesh and came into the world. Jesus came to shed light on the goodness of our existence. Consequently, Jesus is regarded as the light of the world!
May the reality of Christmas therefore serve us well. As the light in the afternoon sky grows day by day beyond Christmas, may the light of our vision also grow so we may cherish the beauty, unity and hope that is already ours and allow the spirit of this time to enhance it.
To people of all countries, cultures and our local community, may this Christmas be for you and your loved ones – a time to celebrate the blessings which are uniquely ours!
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