Barber's Ink opens in Lake Katharine Shopping Center

Business By R.A. Romero, The Miami Laker staff Monday, December 23, 2013


Barbershops were once considered a hub for debates, public forum, and social interaction. George Betances, owner of the new Barber's Inc. barber shop in the Lake Katherine Shopping Center, hopes to revive the lost art and atmosphere from the barbershops of yore. 


"We are not just hairdressers or barbers. We're tonsorial artists," said Betances. 


Barber's Inc. offers a wide range of services including hot towel treatments, designs, classic styles, beard trimming, straight edge razor shaves, and a variety of other options. A classic cut is priced at $15 and other services range from $7 to $35. 


In a barbershop where the motto is "your haircut is our signature," clients are sure to receive a high-end experience. Chairs and furnishings are reminiscent of turn of the century shops with an modernized touch, much like the services provided.  


In addition to creating the perfect "man cave" for all clients, Betances hopes to build relationships with individuals and with the community. He currently has plans to feature a gallery of artistic works throughout the shop, set up an entertainment area where video game tournaments can be held, host food and toy drives for special events and give back to schools in the community.  


"I have a relationship with my clients. They vent and tell me secrets even their families don't know,"  said Betances. "And I want to make sure every new client feels like they're part of a community, which is why we'll also be offering membership cards, like rewards cards that come with certain perks." 


Barbers have a long history of being heavily involved in the community, from early Egyptian culture where barbers also acted as priests to the barber-surgeons of the middle ages who performed surgery and dentistry in addition to their grooming skills.  


During the trying times of the Great Depression, some barbers were known to give jobless men free haircuts. The previous duties held by barbers has inspired Betances to uphold the values once set forth by the profession. 


"I want Barber's Inc. to be a leader in the community of Miami Lakes," said Betances. "Barbers have a history of being leaders, and so much more than barbers. I want to give back to schools and sponsor school sports." 


Betances himself attended Hialeah Miami Lakes Senior High School. He originally hails from New Jersey. Barber's Inc. is Betances' first shop though he's been in the business for over a decade. 


He calls the shop "a dream come true" and a feat, considering that the new business owner is just shy of his 26th birthday. "I've wanted this since I was 15. It feels great, but I know this is just the beginning. I have big plans," Betances said. 


A grand opening event was held Sunday, December 15. Appointments are available.  Barber's Inc. is located at 6107 Miami Lakes Drive. Walk-in clients are accepted though appointments are recommended. Shop hours are Mondays through Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 


For more information contact the shop at 305-877-6692.