Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce to launch podcast

Business By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Wednesday, March 15, 2023

     The Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce will launch a podcast by April, President Fred Senra announced March 8.

     “We’ll be running a half-hour program, during which we will interview two of our members in two, 15-minute segments,” Senra said. 

      Listeners may find the show, called “The Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce” podcast, on YouTube with Senra as host.    

      His grandson, chamber member Matthew Casamayor, may also host at times.

    “We’re hoping that we get a lot of people,” Senra said. “The idea is to promote businesses in town.”

     The show will be recorded in the former 305 Vox Populi studio in Miami Lakes Town Hall. 305 Vox Populi is Mayor Manny Cid’s podcast, which moved production to St. Thomas University earlier this year. 

    Senra said the podcast will be a unique way to introduce chamber members to the community.