Our Neighborhoods: The Lower East Side, cont’d.

Featured By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Thursday, May 4, 2023

     Our exploration of the lower east side of Miami Lakes takes us along Northwest 142nd Street where we encounter Northwest 58th Court.

     It’s home to a variety of businesses in warehouse buildings that are owned by The Graham Companies and were built in the late 1960s. 

     The Protective Group, in Miami Lakes for 20 years, was named 2022 Town of Miami Lakes Business of the Year

     It provides a variety of security equipment, technical systems and body armor for the military and police. 

     “It’s a secure spot for the [company],” facilities manager Roger DeSue said about why the firm is located in town. The Protective Group is in four buildings.

     “It’s perfect. It’s close to the highways because we travel between our other site in Pompano [Beach], we travel with our trucks and go to Pompano,” DeSue said.   

      Their site is convenient for the company which also has a location in Alabama and needs quick access to airports. 

     Across Northwest 58th Court is Douglas Orr Training, sponsored by the Plumbers Union Local 519

     It prepares plumbers and apprentices in a building owned by the Plumbers Joint Apprentice Educational Committee, which was built in 1971. 

     Neighbors include Inktel Contact Center Solutions, which provides call center services for retail; e-commerce and restaurant industries and for education and government, according to its website. 

     Inktel is at 13982 NW 58th Court. 

     The 360TechGroup, 13980 NW 58th Court provides information technology. 

     Industrial Plastic Products at 14025 NW 58th Court makes plastic molds for irrigation, pipe fittings and takes custom design work. Their building is owned by LRF2 MIA 58th Court LLC. 

     Fathom Digital Manufacturing is at 14000 NW 58th Court. It provides 3D printing and design; metal cutting and forming and injection molding, among its services.