Our Neighborhoods: The Upper East Side

Business By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Wednesday, August 31, 2022

     Continuing our exploration of the Upper East Side in Miami Lakes, there is an office park with seven buildings located between Northwest 59th Avenue and Red Road/Northwest 57 Avenue. 

      The three buildings in the northwest corner of the neighborhood are bordered by Northwest 159 Street and Northwest 158 Street. 

     The Graham Companies own the complex known as the Industrial Commerce Center

     It was built in several phases, from 1989 through 2016.

     Tutor Me Private School K-8 has been there for five years and teaches kids from Kindergarten through eighth grade, Principal and Owner Jenny Espinosa said. 

    “I’m a current resident of Miami Lakes,” Espinosa said. “I have had my business in other places, Hialeah Gardens, Hialeah and I thought Miami Lakes needed something like what I provide.”  

     The school teaches from a curriculum similar to what is taught in Miami-Dade County Schools, but with a difference: “We keep it very small, we keep 10 students per grade,” Espinosa said. 

     Espinosa said her students get more one-on-one time with teachers due to the smaller number of students in classrooms and the programs provided.   

     Students who may need added attention or require a behavioral therapist are able to have a professional sit with them for much of the day. 

      “We cater the curriculum to them, either for a student who is behind to bring them up to where they should be, as well as if a student is gifted and needs to be promoted,” Espinosa said. 

     Parents pay tuition and government grants are also accepted for students. 

     Fourteen other businesses call these three buildings in this corner of the office park home: Orkin Pest Control Solutions; Santos Rehabilitation Center, a busy facility which has a large corner at Northwest 159th Street facing Red Road; Future Force Personnel Services; Dr. Sergio A. Vega/Vega Dental Corp.; medical device firm Biorep Technologies Inc.; Grabber Construction Products, Inc.; Aeronautic Investments Inc., with commercial and military clients and civil engineers Robayna and Associates Inc.

     Also: Impact Church; data, voice, fiber and electrical cable installer ASK Cable Communications; Aptim Facilities Inc., environmental engineering firm for commercial and governmental entities; Guardian Hurricane protection products; Four BLR Doors Corp. and Air Solutions and Repair, HVAC firm with residential and commercial clients.