The Graham Companies and Town of Miami Lakes team up to expand Northwest 67th Avenue

Business Thursday, November 5, 2020

Miami Lakes officials celebrate the completed expansion of Northwest 67th Avenue near the Windmill Gate Shopping Center. In a public-private partnership, the $547,268 construction work was funded by The Graham Companies. The Graham Companies participated in the Miami-Dade County Contributions-in-lieu program, which allows developers to keep the road impact fees imposed by local governments on new construction projects in the town where they build, instead of having that money distributed elsewhere. The Graham Companies received the impact fee credit for its 6600 Main Street project in town center and applied it to construction of a new traffic lane that spans from 300 feet south of Windmill Gate Road north under the Palmetto Expressway to Northwest 167th Street.  Mayor Manny Cid said on social media on Sept. 23rd that the project increased traffic flow by 50% and has eliminated vehicle congestion on the avenue that is busy with commuters and visitors to the shopping center, the public library and residential communities. In the photo above are Miami Lakes Deputy Town Manager Tony Lopez; former Vice Mayor Nelson Rodriguez; Public Works Manager Omar Santos; Mayor Manny Cid; Councilman Jeffrey Rodriguez; Town Manager Edward Pidermann; Public Works Director Carlos Acosta; Councilman Luis Collazo and Manny Cid, Jr. Photo courtesy of Brandon Diaz, Town of Miami Lakes.

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