M.L. solicits volunteers for Reserve and Auxiliary Officer Program

Community Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The Town of Miami Lakes is looking for Reserve and Auxiliary Officers. The program is administered by the Miami-Dade County Police Department and is generally comprised of community members who volunteer their time to fulfill many of the roles handled by full-time sworn officers. 

Their primary responsibility is to supplement the Department’s efforts in the prevention and detection of crime, and the general enforcement of laws while assigned specific police duties. The Reserve and Auxiliary officers will also perform those vital functions that are necessary to assist full-time officers in emergency situations. 

They are required to complete much of the same training as full-time officers and work alongside them in every aspect of Department operations. Reserve and Auxiliary officers are generally retired police officers, either from the Miami Police Department or from other law enforcement agencies. 

These motivated citizens continue to contribute to the enhancement of the qualify of life in their community. Their law enforcement background and expertise, coupled with their insight into the city’s neighborhoods, enables them to be extremely effective spokespersons for their communities. 

Their involvement in the community provides the full-time police officers with increased insight in the quality of life issues in the neighborhoods that they patrol routinely. 

For additional details concerning the Miami Lakes Police Department’s Police Reserve and Auxiliary Officer program, contact Officer Avis Brown Tucker at 305-579-6184.