Town Topics: So you’re graduating high school! What are your plans?

Featured By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Thursday, May 18, 2023

Melanie Fernandez, Vanderbilt University

     “I am planning to double major in biomedical engineering and computer science,” Melanie Fernandez said. “Specifically, I want my research work to focus on regenerative medicine, like stem cells.  Once I graduate, I’m taking a gap year for the health of it. Then [I’m] planning to get my Ph.D. in regenerative medicine.  Right now my drive is very research-focused,” she said. 

Andrea Vega, The George Washington University

     “I’m planning on becoming a lawyer, a family law lawyer,” Andrea Vega said.  “I’ve always been very passionate about helping, specifically [helping] children. I want to give them the best future possible.  I am planning to major in philosophy and minoring in something that I have an interest in, like theater or economics. Hopefully from there I’ll go to graduate school [in the] Ivy League and study law there,” she said. 

Julianna Correa, University of Alabama

     “In the fall, I’m going to the University of Alabama with a scholarship I got,” Julianna Correa said.  “I’m part of the honors college and I am hoping to study psychology, with a minor in child development.  I hope to open my own private practice to help everyone in the community, but specifically children, to help with their mental health,” she said. 

Laura Sosa,  Flagler College

     “I would like to be [at] Flagler College for these two years,” Laura Sosa said. “Eventually I’d like to transfer to complete my BFA in either New York or Chicago or even Europe, if I have the opportunity. Eventually, the big goal in the future would be to own my own art gallery and curate other artists’ works,” she said. 

Julianne Mooney, University of Florida

     “At UF I will be majoring in English Literature, so I am hoping to do a concentration on some form of literature, maybe American Literature and/or film,” Julianne Mooney said. “I think I really want to continue the journalism process. I either want to be the editor-in-chief of a literary magazine or be able to work with graphic design and doing writing or photography,” she said. 

Alexandra Herrera interviewed and photographed our Town Topics talkers. We thank you all!