Ana G. Mendez University offers remote learning

Education By Megan Jacobo, Reporter Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Ana G. Mendez University offers remote learning

    The way to earn a college degree morphed several years ago from classroom learning to online classes, which offered flexible schedules and independent study.

    Ana G. Mendez University in Miami Lakes has introduced another way to get college credits: remote learning.

     Remote learning is very different from attending classes online, said Vicente Rodriguez, account executive at the university.

     Remote learning follows the same schedule as if students were attending classes on campus.

     If a course usually meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3 p.m., students in the remote class will follow that same schedule, via Zoom, the video communication platform.

     Students who participate in remote learning are expected to have the cameras on their computers on during the Zoom sessions and answer questions from the professor.

      When the fall semester begins Aug. 23, the first six weeks will be conducted in that format, Rodriguez said.

  “Right now we are fully remote,” he said.

     Online classes will continue to be available for those who need that flexibility.

     The university hopes the state of the pandemic improves soon so it can offer students a hybrid option of learning, “the choice of attending class in person or remotely.”

     All of the university’s programs are available through remote learning, and students can earn associate, bachelor and master’s degrees.

     The university also offers a popular technical degree program, which lasts a year and trains those entering the computer technology industry; billing or coding fields or to work as medical assistants.

     “Most people will get a technical degree since it only takes one year and they will be able to start working ASAP,” said

Rodriguez. “It’s the new thing.”

     Although no classes are being held at the campus, at 15201 NW 79 Court, those who wish to take a tour may call 1-800-774-3030 or go visit their website.



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