BGEC students score at Robotics contest

Education By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Thursday, February 29, 2024

     Bob Graham Education Center’s robotics teams showed off their skills during a contest at Miami Dade College’s North Campus. At the Feb. 3 SECME Competition hosted by Miami-Dade County School’s science and math department, three BGEC teams took 1st place in two events and won 2nd place in one category. 

     The University of Florida created a SECME program (which focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and partners with K-12 educators. 

Bob Graham’s engineers won the Brain Bowl for the district, first for their engineering and alliance notebook in the VEX IQ competition and second for their water rocket. The engineering notebook demonstrates their designs for the task. 

     In the first photo are the Brain Bowl winners: Kayla Gonzalez, Angel Valdes, Daniel Fernandez and Alejandro Salgado.

     The second photo is of the VEX IQ winners: Nestor Marcia, elementary supervisor, MDCPS Science Dept.; Dr. Aileen Vega, executive director, MDCPS Science Dept.; Brian Cruz; Mateo Nunez; Eric Arco and Cristian Carranza, administrative director, MDCPS Science Dept. 

     In the third photo are the Water Rocket Competition second place champs: Dr. Aileen Vega, executive director, MDCPS Science Dept., Alejandro Salgado, Jonathan Colome and Cristian Carranza, Administrative director, MDCPS Science Dept. 

     Photos provided by the school.