Montessori Teaching for elementary school children

Education By Charlene Thibodeau, Special to The Miami Laker Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Both traditional and Montessori teaching strategies are required to teach elementary children in math concepts. Homework is a way of reinforcing new or old concepts that are taught in class. Some of the concepts conceived require intense work within the class structure and homework is not assigned, especially when the Montessori materials are needed. 

Work books are used during class time which prepares the children for other settings and Montessori materials are used in every area of the classroom as learning tools. The elementary school goal is working toward the abstract in learning and eventually eliminating the child's dependency on learning materials or counting fingers. 

First graders in many instances require more time and patience due to the different levels of development of each child and their maturity. When a child is unable to explain what they are being taught, a conference is definitely necessary with the lead teacher. 

Concepts in first grade by putting together numbers is addition and in time putting together the same numbers is multiplication and deemed adequate during the child's first year in elementary. Montessori philosophy allows a freedom to work independently in the classroom after the child has received instruction. 

This time also enables teachers to assist other children who need encouragement and additional help to eliminate the possibility of failure. It is important for a clear and precise understanding of the Montessori philosophy which is essentially repetitive until the concept is grasped while the children learn at their own pace. 

It is the duty and obligation of the teachers that the children receive the very best education with an emphasis on social, spiritual and physical development of which are taken very seriously to help ensure success throughout their lives. 

Maintaining the educational quality throughout the 42 year history of Montessori Children's House of Miami Lakes is attributed to the love of God instilled into the spirit of a child, and is a God given assignment that shall continue to be maintained. 

And all our children shall be taught of the Lord; prosper and be in health even as their soul prospers. Where there is liberty there is life, and where there is liberty there is joy. For the joy of the Lord is our strength and health springs forth speedily. 

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