Pace Homecoming: The greatest time of the year!

Education By Maya Lora, Special to The Miami Laker Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Homecoming week at Pace High School is one of the most important and exciting events of the entire school year. It is a time where every student can show off their Spartan pride and participate in a plethora of events. 

During this very special week, the entire school rises to cheer our amazing football team in all of their victorious feats, specifically the Friday night Homecoming game. Getting together on the bleachers as the team takes the field is a bonding experience no Spartan ever forgets. It takes a lot of hard work from every member of the student body and the faculty to make this week a true success, but the reward is worth more than the dedication and effort it takes to make it happen. 

The 2013 homecoming theme was movie genres, and each class chose the type of movie that they wanted to portray. The week gave every Spartan a chance to show off their red and gold pride so they can get into the Homecoming spirit regardless of their personal interests – there’s something for everyone! All students are invited to dress each day according to themes and they walk down the hallways bursting with Spartan pride.

There is the Brain Bowl, where they get to answer tricky trivia questions with teammates in a friendly competition against another class team. There is the famous Powder Puff game, where the boys and the girls get to switch roles for a day. The boys become the very cute and bubbly cheerleaders while the girls put on their jerseys as they go head-to-head against other classes in a flag football game. 

The most anticipated Homecoming event each year is the cheer and dance at an evening pep rally. Each class must prepare a “cheer and dance” act, filled with class pride, and perform it in front of teachers, families, and Pace alumni who always make their way to this incredible showcase. Then the students compete in a fun volleyball game before the carnival, which has games, food, and tons of other enjoyable activities put on by the Pace clubs which takes place right before the game. 

Game night is the high-energy football game that overflows with excitement during every moment. At halftime, all classes, the cheerleaders, MP Dance Kru,  and the Dance-line Starlettes  bring out the floats for the parade. 

The parade concludes with a beautiful and famous series of fireworks designed to set the mood. The week concludes with the Homecoming Dance and this year, it was held in the beautiful Kovens Center at FIU Biscayne Campus. 

Homecoming at Pace High School is a very exciting time. It is a week that takes dedication, effort, and students who are willing to make each event magnificent for their class. Countless hours of work are invested to make the homecoming week a great success. 

The end result is a student body of Spartans united by one common link: Pace Pride.