Pace Theater Academy wins Critic's Choice

Education By Katherine Palacio, Special to The Miami Laker Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Theatre Academy at Monsignor Edward Pace High School sent its thespian members to the District 8 Thespian Competition and came home with several awards and honors.  For the first time in Pace history, the thespians brought home two Critic's Choice awards, 14 "Superior" ratings and 5 "Excellent" ratings. 

Critic's Choice awards go to the best thespian troupe and to individuals for events such as monologues and duet acting.  Christopher Cheng and the rest of his group won the title of Critic's Choice for a Large Group Musical. Jessica Caravia won Critic's Choice for Makeup Design.  

Superior ratings were earned by students Daniella Poey, Malik Mackey, Jessica Caravia, Christopher Cheng, Kenea Sejour, Alejandro Silva, Jamie Adleson, Marissa Secades, Kaitlyn Menendez, Yvonne Jebian, Victoria Jebian, Antonio Rodriguez, Gabriela Asunce, Alyssa Sanchez, Cristina Delgado, Kristie Vargas and the group members for the Pantomime, and Large Group Musical productions.  

Excellent ratings were earned by students Marissa Secades, Elizabeth Bello, Elexa Suarez, Therese Callison, Gabriella Asunce, Ethan Perez and the group members for the Ensemble Acting and Large Group Musical productions.   

The thespians, under the direction of Cristina Pla-Guzman, were in tears when they heard the good news. 

"We are very blessed," said Pla-Guzman. "We have an incredibly talented and dedicated group of students, and they are so passionate about theatre, it shows in all that they do. The academy has opened up new doors for these students who also want to work with other aspects of theatre that do not involve performing." 

Ratings were earned for a combination of productions including duet acting, makeup design, solo musicals, large group musicals, costume design, playwriting, pantomimes, duet musicals, monologues, publicity design, and ensemble acting.

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