Students, municipalities collect 12,000 pairs of shoes for the poor

Education By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Friday, May 20, 2022

     With shoes overflowing from inside their home and those of a neighbor and relative, too, the Inguanzo family of Miami Lakes on April 20 loaded footwear into two trucks destined for the Camillus House charity that serves the poor and homeless in Miami. The family and the Town of Miami Lakes along with several cities and schools that placed donation bins on their campuses collected over 12,000 pairs of shoes for the organization and the Loving Soles charity during March and April. Ramiro Inguanzo said he and his wife, Miami Lakes Town Clerk Gina Inguanzo and their three children have volunteered for the shoe drive for three years.

     Volunteers for the Camillus House and Loving Soles charities are from left, Duvier Gonzalez, Christopher Inguanzo, Lucas Diaz, Jonathan Lozano, Nicholas Lozano, Sophia Inguanzo, Jaylene Guerra, Susanna Inguanzo, Elise Cueli and Camilla de los Rios. Photo by Gina Inguanzo.

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