Candidates report endorsements

Government By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Friday, March 15, 2024

     Candidates for Seat 6 in the April 9 Special Election are reporting endorsements. 

     Hector Abad, 53, won endorsements from former Vice Mayor Jeffrey Rodriguez, William Perez, chair of the Veterans Committee; Lindsay Wallick, chair of the Mental Health Task Force and Mario Pinera, Jr. who chairs the Education Advisory Board

     (Pinera is running for council Seat 1 and is so far unopposed in the Nov. 5 general election.) 

     Abad reported campaign contributions as of March 11, with $7,105 raised since launching his campaign last fall when he sought Seat 5. 

     He began pursuing Seat 6 after former Vice Mayor Carlos Alvarez resigned in November. 

     Candidates Esther Colon, 70, and former Vice Mayor Nelson Rodriguez, 54, both said they are endorsed by town residents.

     Bryan Morera, 32, reported $3,050 in campaign contributions. His endorsements include Council members Joshua Dieguez, Marilyn Ruano and Luis Collazo “as well as countless other Miami Lakers.” 

     He also reported Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sen. René Garcia; Miami-Dade County Public Schools District 4 Board member Roberto Alonso and former Miami Lakes Councilman Frank Mingo have endorsed him.

     (Dieguez is running for mayor in November against Vice Mayor Tony Fernandez.) 

     John Rogger, 37, said people have endorsed both his candidacy and his character. 

    The character recommendations came from Jonathan Biggs, a Broward County real estate developer; Robin Amador; Audrey Amadeo, founder, Arts for Autism Foundation; Marianela Alvarez of Hope for Autism Team and Miami Lakes Mayor Manny Cid, Rogger said.

     His political endorsements are from Rolando Navarro; Dr. Cicily Payne-Nestor and Pastor Darius Wentz of GATE Community Church. 

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