FSU Alumni Association honors Ramiro Inguanzo

Education By Linda Trischitta, Editor Wednesday, July 3, 2024

     The Florida State University Alumni Association Board of Directors named Ramiro Inguanzo as their ‘Board Member of the Year’ in May for his many contributions to the FSU community.

     “As a proud member of the FSU Alumni Association National Board of Directors, I have the honor of supporting FSU’s mission of life-long learning and service by engaging with our students, alumni, parents and friends to help tell the FSU story – and in this role, I also get to see the amazing collective impact that FSU alumni are making throughout the world,” Inguanzo said in an email. 

     “To have been selected as the Alumni Association Board Member of the Year is a great honor, as it recognizes my efforts in helping support something that I love so much,” he said.

     Inguanzo and his wife Gina Inguanzo live in Miami Lakes with their twin daughters who attend FSU, and their son who is in high school.

     Ramiro Inguanzo is the deputy village manager and human resources director for the Village of Bal Harbour.

     He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science/Communication and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from FSU, and has served on the school alumni association’s board of directors since 2021. 

      The alumni association said it held 80 events around the country last year to engage parents, students, alumni and friends of the university. Thousands of graduates return to the Tallahassee campus each year for homecoming.

     Ramiro Inguanzo is “an ambassador, a champion and a good will builder,” said Julie Decker, president of the FSU Alumni Association. 

     “He made every effort in his own busy schedule to come here in Tallahassee, to D.C., to our events in Miami, Panama City,” she said. 

     “He went near and far,” she said. “He made sure to represent the board and support and just be sure that our board was seen as ambassadors, champions of these engagements. It was wonderful to have someone of his leadership level so present.”

     As an FSU parent, he can help parents of prospective students understand what the campus experience is like, she said.

     Gina Inguanzo is town clerk in Miami Lakes and in March, was appointed to the Women for FSU Leadership Council.

     “As a proud Seminole wife and mother of two [FSU students], I now have the honor to serve on the Women for FSU Leadership Council to help further connect and celebrate female students, moms and alumnae who have a passion for FSU,” she said in an email.

      Gina Inguanzo is an attorney and earned three degrees from Georgetown University: a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a Juris Doctorate and a Master’s degree in Law.

      About her appointment, Decker said, “She helps us in Miami and is helping us with this emerging strategy there. She has become a wonderful advocate and champion [for the university].”

      Of the Inguanzos together, Decker said, “they’ve become very passionate, like a lot of involved couples. They are a wonderful duo who can talk about what’s happening at FSU right now.”