How to request a vote-by-mail ballot

Education By Linda Trischitta, Editor Friday, May 17, 2024

     Voters who cast their ballots by mail must make an annual request for the paperwork.

     The deadline to ask for one is Aug. 8 for the Aug. 20 Primary Election and Oct. 24 for the Nov. 5 General Election.

     Voters will be able to choose new town council members as well as the next president of the United States.

     A voter may make a single request to receive ballots for both elections unless the voter is registered as No Party Affiliation.  

     Only registered Democrats or Republicans may vote in the Primary Election. Voters of both parties and with NPA registrations may vote in the General Election. 

     To obtain a mail-in ballot from the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections Office, call 305-499-8444 or fill out an online form, at

      The website has instructions for when and how to return vote-by-mail ballots. Requests may be made in English, Spanish or Kreyòl.