Miami-Dade Police Dept.’s Miami Lakes District wins inaugural award for human trafficking awareness

Government By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Friday, March 15, 2024

    The Miami Lakes Division of the Miami-Dade Police Department won the agency’s inaugural award for its human trafficking awareness campaign. 

     The patrol unit created the display in the lobby of the station in Town Hall. It reads in bold letters, “Lives are not for Sale!” at top, “Stop Human Trafficking” at bottom and has a border of hands and a heart in the center. MDPD Director Stephanie Daniels presented the award on Feb. 28. Miami Lakes’ unit was also treated to pizza lunch and a trophy. 

     From left, Miami Lakes Asst. Town Manager Tony Lopez; MDPD Lt. Grisleen Casas; MDPD Division Chief, Government Affairs Gina Beato Dominguez; MDPD Director Stephanie Daniels; Administrative Officer Denise Milian, who created the design; MDPD Miami Lakes Maj. Jose Gonzalez; Miami Lakes Executive Officer Lt. Eddy Ulloa and Miami Lakes Town Manager Edward Pidermann