Mold and fungus reduction is first program in new Code Awareness Initiative

Community Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Town of Miami Lakes Neighborhood Services Department has launched a Town Code Awareness Initiative. The program is intended to enhance resident awareness by informing and educating residents of the town’s Code. 

The initiative is designed to facilitate compliance, and maintain the high standards of the town by improving the overall aesthetics and health of the town’s neighborhoods. Each program will focus on pervasive seasonal issues and will be presented at the town’s Neighborhood Improvement Committee meetings, and published on the town’s website. 

The first of the awareness programs is the Mold and Fungus Reduction Program. Throughout the rainy summer months, residents may experience increased instances of mold or moisture related violations including failure to maintain roofs, driveways and walls. 

For more information on Neighborhood Services Mold and Fungus Reduction Program, visit

“This is the first step in the town’s transition from code enforcement to code compliance,” said Vice Mayor Manny Cid. “We need to preserve Miami Lakes’ property values and quality of life.”