Pets of Miami Lakes

Government By Linda Trischitta, Editor Thursday, January 6, 2022

      Ruby, the one-year-old white Standard Poodle on the left, and Ryder, 2, the Standard Poodle/Australian Shepherd at her side, live with the Alvarez-Borrell family on the west side of Miami Lakes.

    “Ruby is still just a puppy,” Katherine Alvarez said. “She runs around and loves to play with her toys.”

     Ryder is Ruby’s opposite: “He is the lazy one, and loves to be petted and to lay around the house,” Alvarez said.

     The pets share their home with Alvarez, her husband Jairo Borrell, and their sons, Johan Borrell, 6, and Justin Borrell, 4.

     Grandparents Luz Alvarez and Alvaro Alvarez round out the household.

     Photo by Katherine Alvarez.

     If you would like to introduce your pets to the readers of The Miami Laker, please email a photo to Editor Linda Trischitta,  All pets are welcome: So far, we have featured a bird, a hamster, cats and dogs in our pages.


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