Suspended mayor proclaims innocence; thanks supporters

Community Provided to The Miami Laker by Michael Pizzi Friday, September 6, 2013

(Editor’s Note: The following unsolicited statement was provided to The Miami Laker by Michael Pizzi who was suspended as Miami Lakes Mayor in early August following his arrest by FBI agents on charges of public corruption.)

I want to thank all of the Miami Lakes residents who have shown me a large outpouring of support and love during what has been a very difficult period for me and my family. On a positive note, this has shown me how caring and compassionate the people are in this town, and how many really good friends I have.

I want all Miami Lakes residents to know that I am proud of all of our accomplishments in this great town and that I never, ever committed any crimes or did anything to betray their trust. I expect to be exonerated as soon as possible.

Any action I ever took as Mayor was out of love for this City and to benefit our residents.

At some point I supported an opportunity to obtain assistance in creating jobs in Miami Lakes in a program that had zero costs to our tax payers. This was consistent with all of our economic development and job creation programs in our town. It was also better than situations where we paid for grant applications and got nothing.  As I see 87th avenue getting ready to open and hospitals being built, I am so proud of how we have moved our town forward during my period as Mayor. I consider all of you part of my extended family.

Finally, I have decided not to run in the October Special Election because I am already your Mayor. I have been duly elected by almost 70 percent of the vote. As soon as I am exonerated, I will be returning as your Mayor to continue all of the great projects that are now moving forward. Please keep me and my family in your prayers, as I pray for all of you every day. God Bless you and God Bless our great community.

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