Shula's golf club hosts members tournament with a 'Miami Vice' theme

Sports By Megan Jacobo, Reporter Friday, November 5, 2021

   The Senator Course at Shula’s Golf Club in Miami Lakes held its 2021 Member Invitational Tournament in October, and this year’s theme was the 1980s television series, “Miami Vice.”  Winners Dave Peterson and Robby Meador received trophies with replicas of Ferrari automobiles. 

   Flight champions Eddy Luis and Jordan Lopez; Jorge Marzoa and Rick Raspall; Gaston Redondo and Rick Toste; Adolfo Zunino and Alfredo Santeiro received trophies adorned with flamingos. The exotic pink birds were featured in the TV show’s opening credits; stars Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas played cops who cruised Miami Beach and searched for bad guys while driving Ferrari convertibles. 

   The tournament was held Oct. 14 - 16 and drew 48 players.  Photos courtesy of The Senator Course at Shula’s Golf Club.

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