Workout: To do at home, in the gym or on the go

Sports By Ricky Ali Personal Trainer Shula’s Athletic Club Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Hip Lift and Triceps Extension exercise is done while holding dumbbells.

It is good for firming the tricep muscles at the back of your upper arms as well as the muscles along the back of your thighs and stomach, and who doesn’t want to look better in those areas?

Don’t use weights that are heavier than you can handle.

1. Lie flat on your back on a mat, bend your knees with your heels close to your buttocks and hold a dumb- bell in each hand along either side of your head.

2. Bend your elbows and hold the weights behind your head as shown in the photo above. Flex your feet so that your toes point toward the ceiling.

3. Lift the weights to the ceiling and straighten your arms.

At the same time, lift your hips and buttocks off the floor.

Press your heels and shoulders into the mat, as shown in the bottom photo.

4. Slowly return to the start position, and then perform 10 - 12 repetitions.

5. You’ll work the tricep muscles, your buttocks and hips, the lower back and core.

Disclaimer: Do not begin any physical activity described in this column without prior approval from your health care professional.

Michael Mendez, a member of Shula’s Athletic Club in Miami Lakes, demonstrates the Hip Lift and Triceps Extension exercise.
Photos by Angela Llovet.

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