Our Neighborhoods: The Lower East Side, cont’d.

Business By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Thursday, June 1, 2023

     The Lower East Side of Miami Lakes has a well-known landmark, the 66-year-old cemetery called Vista Memorial Gardens

     Encompassing several acres, it’s bordered by Northwest 57 Avenue on the east and is at 5755 NW  142nd St. 

     Carlos Bencomo is very familiar with the cemetery. As president of The Bencomo Foundation, he invests in cemetery plots and also advises people who have lost loved ones about funeral arrangements.

     “I do it for all the cemeteries in Miami-Dade County, but I primarily do [Vista Memorial] since I live in Miami Lakes,” Bencomo said in Spanish. 

     Bencomo said many families from Hialeah have plots with multiple graves at Vista Memorial Gardens. 

     “The family wants to continue to be buried where their family members are,” Bencomo said. 

     The Vista Memorial Gardens website says the cemetery’s “central location makes it very easy to get to us from most areas in the Dade County area.” 

     “[It’s] family-run and operated, which is different from some of the other [cemeteries in the area],” Bencomo said.

     The company’s websites also say the funeral home and cemetery serve police, firefighters and veterans. 

     Its neighbors include The Protective Group, a company that provides systems and armor for the military at 14000 NW 57th Court. 

     Also nearby is USpharma Ltd., a pharmaceutical company at 13900 NW 57th Court. 

     USpharma’s products include Nitro-Dur, a nitroglycerin patch for cardiac patients, and Cushion Grip denture adhesive, according to the company website.