Lake Quality Awareness month in August

Community Friday, September 6, 2013

At a ceremony on Lake Hilda beach, in the presence of dozens of residents, Mayor Ceasar Mestre proclaimed August as Lake Quality Awareness Month. 

 “It is clear to me how our lakes contribute to the quality of life in our community,” Mestre said. “If we created a little more awareness with this proclamation, then our efforts here were well spent.” 

The Lake Quality Awareness Month initiative was brought forward by the Neighborhood Improvement Committee in an effort to educate the community on the importance of maintaining the lakes. Professor Leonard J. Scinto of Florida International University’s Department of Earth and Environment, recommends the following best management practices in order to maintain the lakes in the best possible condition – maximize the use of native wetland plants, plant shade tolerant grass along the shore line, and minimize the use of nitrous and phosphorus rich fertilizers.

“Following these best practices should be an on-going effort and we will continue to remind everyone of the importance of our lakes and that we all play a role in keeping our town and lakes beautiful and safe,” said Councilmember Tony Lama, chair of the Neighborhood Improvement Committee. 

 A brochure has been developed with tips and information on the best management practices for lakes. The brochure is available for download at, or by calling 305-364-6100 to request a copy.