New Testament and World Deliverance churches provide Thanksgiving meals

Religious By Abraham Metellus, Special to the Laker Wednesday, December 4, 2013


New Testament Baptist Church (NTBC) partnered with local church, World Deliverance Church (WDC), on November 23 for its city project in Brownsville. 

Brownsville is a small town located in the Metropolitan Miami area with a population of over 15,000 residents and 42 percent poverty rate. Birthed out of a desire to reach people in that community, Abraham Metellus (NTBC) and Solomon Blatch (WDC) got together to see how both of our churches could connect to make a difference in that community. 

For three weeks the churches worked together to collect non-perishable items to assemble "Blessing Bags" with one purpose in mind – to mobilize the student ministry to make a difference in the community by providing meals for those who would otherwise not have a traditional Thanksgiving meal. 

On Saturday, November 23, despite the weather, both churches were able to feed over 100 families residing in the Saint George Apartment Complex. 

"My experience at Brownsville was very adventurous. Not even the rain could ruin our day with them. Their faces were lit up with smiles when we went there. It felt like we gave them hope for tomorrow and many more days to come," said Dade Christian student and volunteer, Bryson Mercer. 

The families appreciated the church presence there and thanked them for bringing joy and hope to the residence. Hearts were moved, lives were changed and bridges were built to establish a long lasting impression in that community.

"Service in the City" a ministry of NTBC, will continue to serve this community through prayer, development and relationships. For more information, visit To learn more about this merger, contact Abraham Metellus, Student Pastor at New Testament Baptist Church at 305-364-4813 or

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