Our Neighborhoods: The Lower East Side, cont’d.

Featured By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Wednesday, May 17, 2023

     The southeastern border of Miami Lakes is Northwest 138th Street, and just before tree-lined Northwest 60th Avenue meets it, there are five warehouses. 

     One of those buildings is home to a commercial printer. 

      If you’ve ever taken a cruise out of a South Florida port, chances are you’ve seen Associated Printing Productions, Inc.’s work.

     “We stock almost every cruise ship,” Co-founder and President John Beadel said. 

     The 32-year-old business, at 13925 NW 60th Ave. offers printing services for a variety of industries and has been based in the neighborhood since 2006. 

     Beadel said he moved the company to Miami Lakes because of safety concerns. 

     “When you’re running a business, that’s not what you want to deal with,” Beadle said.

     The company’s warehouse is owned by The Graham Companies, a firm Beadle said is “amazing to work with, they’re really good people to work with as a landlord.”

     Beadle said the area is well maintained, and that his landlord and the town keep the area clean. 

     Associated Printing Productions does all of its work in Miami Lakes. Its location is near the Palmetto Expressway and the Gratigny Parkway provides quick access to Interstate 75 and Interstate 95 and the ports. 

    “It’s a really nice, central location to service these areas,” Beadle said. 

     There are also many bus stops in the neighborhood, which provides a commuting option for his employees. 

     Nearby is Lioher Enterprises Corporation, which makes components for cabinet doors, countertops and custom cabinetry, at 13939 NW 60th Ave. 

     Oliva Cigar Shop, Inc. is at 13955 NW 60th Ave. 

     And Saxon Business Systems, which offers copier and printer services, is at 14025 NW 60th Ave. 

     Across the street is 630 Aerospace, which repairs and overhauls aircraft components, according to its website.

     Another business that serves the aerospace industry with parts and repairs, Magnum AirDynamics, Inc. is next door.