Pets of Miami Lakes

Community By Linda Trischitta, Editor Wednesday, July 3, 2024

     Gino and Jack are two lucky felines. They were foster kittens who Marie and Harold Korenstein met through Adopt A Stray, Inc.

     Though they aren’t blood brothers, they act like it sometimes, especially when a random invader such as a cockroach or lizard appears in the couple’s Miami Lakes home.

     That’s when the cats imitate a SWAT team and take down the offender, Marie Korenstein said.

     Jack, 4, is not a guard cat, though. If the doorbell rings, he hides beneath covers and thinks no one can see him.

     She described Gino, 7, as a mixed breed with some Maine Coon in his heritage.
     “He watches over Jack and is constantly grooming him,” she said about the Domestic Shorthair affectionately called “Chunk,” because he weighs more than 21 pounds and is like a football player with no neck, she said.

     “They have very distinct personalities,” she said. “Gino is like a dog and follows you everywhere. Jack is a cat, and you cat lovers know what I mean.”