Pets of Miami Lakes

Community Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Meet Choco! Choco, short for Chocolate, is a 2-year-old Teddy Bear hamster.

Choco lives near Lake Adele in Miami Lakes with Megan Morales, 12; her brother Mike Morales, 9, and their parents Marcos and Michelle Morales.

“He loves to lay down next to Megan while she studies or watches TV,” Michelle Morales said. “He’s a loyal and sweet friend.”

Choco’s favorite treat is Yogies! cheese snacks for hamsters. Though he likes to work out on his hamster wheel, Choco is often content to snuggle with Megan.

“He’s mellow,” Michelle Morales said.

Photo courtesy of Megan Morales. If you would like to introduce your pet to the readers of The Miami Laker, please email

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