Scene Around Town: Miami Lakers’ Views

Community By Linda Trischitta, Editor Wednesday, August 31, 2022

     Rob Waterfield is a part-time first tee starter at Miami Lakes Golf Club and on Aug. 16, he worked a rare morning shift.  He was struck by the “rosy dawn sky” that was reflected in a lake on the course and got out his iPhone. 

     “It was just the way the sky looked, then and there,” Waterfield said.

     The waterway is between the #2 and #4 tee boxes, and Waterfield said it is home to lots of wildlife.

     “You could hear the water birds, it’s like a mini-rookery, and they were waking up as the sun was coming up,” Waterfield said.

       He and his wife Janet are 33-year residents in town. 

     “We love it here, we really do,” he said.

     As for making the photo, he used his phone without a filter, and was able to capture the mist that hovered over the course.

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