Student art works to be displayed on Main Street banners through April

Featured Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Graham Companies announced the winners of the “What I Love About Miami Lakes” Main Street Banner Art contest.

From over 90 submissions, 26 pieces of art were selected to be showcased along Main Street. The artwork submissions were judged by 14 individuals with a selection of the top piece of work based on elementary, middle and high school levels.

The selected top Elementary School submission was by Julian Hernandez, a 5th-grader at Miami Lakes K-8 Center, with his artwork titled “Growing With You.”

The selected top Middle School submission was by Dayanis Oliva, an 8th-grader at Bob Graham Education Center, with her artwork titled “Miami Lakes, The Best in Entertainment.”

The selected top High School submission was by Karla Gonzalez, a 10th-grader from Hialeah Miami Lakes Senior High, with her artwork titled “Why I Love Miami Lakes.”

When given the opportunity to participate in a banner contest specifically created for Miami Lakes’ resident youth, Bob Graham Education Center’s (BGEC) art students jumped at the chance and began sketching.

The topic for the design, “What I love about Miami Lakes” made it a personal project the students took to heart, and it is no surprise that the outcome of their designs were successful and that the BGEC students represented the largest number of entries from any school.

When asked what inspired her and made this project so special, the overall 8th grade winner Dayanis Oliva said, “Miami Lakes is my home. It’s where I grew up. I love this place and can’t imagine living anywhere else!” 

Overall winners from grades 1-5 included:

Christopher Inguanzo, grade 1, BGEC, “I Love Miami Lakes;”

Kelly Yuen, grade 2, BGEC, “My Beautiful Miami Lakes;”

Daniel Castillo, grade 4, BGEC, “Miami Lakes Parks;”

Alexandra Batista, grade 4, BGEC, “Beautiful Town;”

Melanie Montoya, grade 4, BGEC, “Let’s Dance;”

Jasmin Garcia, grade 4, BGEC, “Miami Lakes Golf;”

Mary Ross Soto, grade 5, BGEC, “Unnamed;”

Cristina Torras, grade 5, BGEC, “Good Time in Miami Lakes;”

Sophia Ramos, grade 5, BGEC, “Cobb Theater 17-Main Street;”

Madison Londono, grade 5, BGEC, “Softball Cows;”

Jimena Gonzalez, grade 5, BGEC, “The School that Changed Me;”

Amanda Bencomo, grade 5, BGEC, “Now Presenting...Miami Lakes;”

Christina Gonzalez, grade 5, BGEC, “Miami Lakes Friendly Town;” and

Julian Hernandez, grade 5, MLK-8 Center, “Growing With You.”

Overall winners from grades 6-8 included:

Casandra Casadevale, grade 6, MLK-8 Center, “City of the Cows;”

Alexandra Perez-Crossland, grade 7, BGEC, “Beautiful Miami Lakes;”

Kenneth Bui, grade 8, BGEC, “Peaceful Park;”

Joshua Bacallao, grade 8, BGEC, “I Love Miami Lakes;”

Dayanis Oliva, grade 8, BGEC, “Miami Lakes, the Best in Entertainment;” and

Natalie Reyes, grade 8, BGEC, “The Best About Miami Lakes.”

Overall winners from grades 9-12 included:

Luis Castro, grade 9, HML Senior, “Moo-Vie Theater;”

Yailin Cubas, grade 10, HML Senior, “Miami Lakes; Karla Gonzalez, grade 10, HML Senior, “Why I Love Miami Lakes;”

Eliany Gil, grade 11, HML Senior, “Unnamed;”

Heidy Gonzalez, grade 12, HML Senior, “Bell;” and

Amber Arias, grade 12, Barbara Goleman Senior, “Serenity.”

Original pieces of artwork will be displayed in the windows of Limelight located at 6709 Main Street, and the light pole banners showcasing the artwork of 26 overall winners will be on display through April.

The Graham Companies encourages the community to visit Main Street to see the works of art by many talented students.