Sen. Rene Garcia works as therapist for a day at Angel's Reach Foundation

Community Friday, December 27, 2013


State Senator Rene Garcia (R-Hialeah) continues his "Taking Care of Business in District 38" program with a stint as an integrated therapist for a day at the Angels Reach Foundation, Inc., 17689 NW 78 Ave, in Palm Springs North. 

Fans of the Senator's Facebook page and subscribers to his newsletter chose the profession of child therapist from among a few others including factory worker, graphic designer, librarian assistant and marketing specialist. 

"The integrated therapy given by Angels Reach staff to children with special needs is incredible and unique to this area," said Garcia. "I have seen first-hand the amazing progress children in their care make and I am looking forward to working with them and gaining a new perspective on what it's like to help children on the autism spectrum." 

"We feel blessed that Senator Garcia's constituents chose to have him spend a day with us," said Angels Reach executive director Dory Luzardo. "He has shown interest in the Autism community to raise awareness about children with special needs." 

The center was founded by the mother of a child diagnosed with autism and not expected by specialists to develop independent living and communication skills. In time the child was able to demonstrate that the prognosis would be completely negated and has actually come to function in language, academic and social areas beyond the typically developing norms, showing no signs of autism. 

Garcia spent the afternoon on December 19 under the supervision of a licensed therapist, helping to administer speech, occupational, behavioral, sensory integration and other forms of therapy. For more information about Angels Reach, visit or telephone 305-828-5276.