Tony Lama completes Leaders of Excellence program

Featured Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Miami Lakes Town Council recognized Councilmember Tony Lama during its regular meeting on February 11 for his completion of the Leaders of Excellence Program for Elected Officials in State and Local Government.

Lama was among 16 elected officials from 15 jurisdictions in three counties, plus two state representatives, who participated in this year’s program hosted by the Good Government Initiative.

“It was an absolute privilege to be the first Miami Lakes representative in the program,” Lama said. “It was a priceless opportunity to collaborate with other elected officials on issues impacting our communities and potential solutions. This course should be a requirement for all newly elected officials.”

The Leaders of Excellence program is the Good Government Initiative’s cornerstone effort to provide elected officials with educational opportunities that they can then apply towards their public service. It fills the gap between formal education in academic careers with life experience to create more effective decision-makers. Additionally, the Leaders of Excellence program creates a network of peers who elected leaders can turn to for shared ideas and support.

“In a year that has seen some low points for some government officials, I think it is encouraging to see these public servants going the extra mile to absorb as much information about good government as they can,” said Katy Sorenson, the program’s founder.

“Councilmember Lama has taken the time in a very busy life to listen and learn more about key areas of his responsibility. That’s something that a lot of people don’t think elected officials are willing to do, so, through leaders like him, we have real reason to believe there are still many dedicated public servants who are working on behalf of their constituents.”