Town surveys quality of life

Government By David Snelling, Reporter Wednesday, December 16, 2020

     Miami Lakes residents have an opportunity to grade the town government’s performance in numerous areas by answering a comprehensive survey that will also help leaders update the strategic plan, “Imagine Miami Lakes 2025.”

     Miami Lakes hired ETC Institute to measure community satisfaction about the town as a place to live, work, raise children and retire.

     The confidential survey, available in English or Spanish, also asks about the town’s cleanliness, emergency response and the condition of its infrastructure.

     The $12,500 project was proposed by Vice Mayor Luis Collazo.

     “Any time you have the opportunity to solicit feedback from residents who are the consumers is good for the town,” Collazo said.

     It will take about 15 minutes to complete online, where a paper copy may also be downloaded and returned by mail.

     Residents will also judge performance by the police, the building department, town government and communications and will even be asked if they use the Freebee.

     Responders can also weigh in on economic opportunity; development goals; flooding and stormwater removal; identify the town’s greatest assets and even opine on the taste of water provided by the county.

     For more information call the town at 305-512-7139.  Completed surveys may be mailed to ETC Institute, 725 W. Frontier Lane, Olathe, Kan. 66061, 913-829-1215.


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