Tee to Green Golf Tips

Sports By Mike Stern, head golf professional, Miami Lakes Golf Club Wednesday, August 16, 2023

     I often see golfers struggle to keep their backswing consistent. They don’t have a good path of the club or follow the same form with each swing.

     Here is an easy drill you can do at home for 10 minutes a day and you’ll see drastic improvement to your form and technique.

     This drill is done standing up, not bent at the hips in the hitting stance. The purpose of this is to simplify the practice and enable you to work on your chest and arm positions.

     First Photo:   With the club extended in front of you, raise it level with your sternum and point the toe of the club straight up toward the sky. During this entire drill, the club will remain parallel to the ground.

     Second Photo: You will want to try to rotate the club around your body while keeping it parallel with the ground. It must remain parallel.

     Third Photo: For a right-handed golfer, this will involve a combination of forearm roll, bending the trail arm and turning the chest and core, to ensure you’re doing this properly. Keep your lead forearm (the left one for right-handed players, the right for left-handed players) parallel with the ground.

     Fourth Photo: This drill will also allow you to train your arms and hands on how to square up the club face at impact with the ball, because you should return the club face to the same starting point.

     Fifth Photo:  After doing these 50 to 100 times, repeat it during your actual golf set-up. Be bent from the waist and ready to hit the ball.

     If you would like to train with me, please send an email to MikeS@MiamiLakesGolf.com.