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Sports By Mike Stern, Head Golf Professional, Miami Lakes Golf Club Thursday, September 14, 2023

How to finally fix the dreaded slice

Here is great way to work on fixing your slice, and all it takes is a couple of extra range balls the next time that you’re practicing. Many golfers suffer from an “over the top” swing, which causes a big curve of the ball (from left to right for a right-handed golfer) because of a bad swing path or direction.  Here’s how you can try to fix it.

First photo:    Set up one range ball one clubhead above and one clubhead to the right of the ball you intend on hitting and another one below and to the left. That would create a gap of about 8 to 10 inches for you to swing through. The idea is to hit the middle ball without touching the two exterior balls.

Second photo: If you hit the top ball before the middle ball (the intended ball) that would indicate you swing the club “over the top” and you need to feel like you’re swinging more inside of it so you won’t hit it. In baseball terms, it should feel like the club is swinging more toward right field through the ball.

Third photo:  If you are struggling with this, try to hit more of the inside-back corner of the golf ball. That should help you get  a better feel for the correct swing path. When initially trying this drill, set the 

exterior balls a little wider apart to start. Once you start having success, bring the exterior balls closer to the intended ball for more of a challenge.

Photos by Mike Stern.


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