Town Topics: Soccer star Lionel Messi plays for Inter Miami in Fort Lauderdale. Will you attend his matches?

Sports By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Richard Ruiz Owner, Miami Lakes Barbershop Kendall 

“Yes, absolutely,” Richard Ruiz said. “Miami would be the first place, I wouldn’t mind traveling to see him. Orlando [or] Tampa, wherever there is a stadium."

Nicolas Malkind  Co-owner, Amazonia Nikkei Fusion Restaurant Miami

     “We already went [to see him] two weeks ago against Atlanta [United FC],” Nicolas Malkind said in Spanish.  Like Messi, Malkind is originally from Argentina.  “Possibly we may [go again], but not all the games."

Ike Greenspon Co-Owner, Carbon Collectibles, Coral Gables

     “I saw Messi two weeks ago in the game they played against Atlanta [United FC],” Ike Greenspon said. “They scored two goals in the first 25 minutes [and the] crowd was electric. It was really fun … the stadium was packed, and the crowd was going crazy every time he touched the ball. I would definitely like to see him again. It reminded me of playoff hockey where the whole stadium is really cheering and rocking and everyone is having a good time.”

Fidel Bettancourt  Co-Owner, Carbon Collectibles Miami Lakes

     “Yeah for sure [I’m planning on seeing Messi],” Fidel Bettancourt said. “It’s the happening thing right now in Miami and its up there on the to do list. It’d be great to see him. I’m a big soccer fan, bigger [Cristiano] Ronaldo fan, but I think Messi is awesome for the community. The fact that Inter Miami [FC] was able to secure an athlete of that magnitude is great for the city.” 

Tico Casamayor  President, AC Graphics  Miami Lakes 

     “When Messi came into town, I was very excited, I didn’t expect it to be as crazy as it has been,” Tico Casamayor said. “I have Apple TV, but I haven’t paid for a match yet. But I do watch the replays and the reviews on SportsCenter.  I want to go, but the reason I haven’t gone is because of the heat. As soon as it gets a little cooler or acceptable, yes, I plan on going to a match to experience the whole craziness.”