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A history going back 47 years is quite an accomplishment and it began with a vision and a desire to offer a quality education to all children making it available for families less financially fortunate at a fair and reasonable tuition.
Our steadfast commitment to the quality of Early Childhood Education is at the heart of everything we do at Montessori Children’s House of Miami Lakes.
American Heritage Dictionary defines Child Care as providing care for children, especially preschool age. However, it defines a school as a process of being educated, especially education constituting a planned series of courses over a period of time. The Montessori Philosophy falls within this category and provides a series of academic lessons to preschool children and grades 1-5 in our elementary classroom thereby advancing them to a higher level of education at an earlier age.
They are guided in Math, Reading, Science, Language, Handwriting, Routines, Music, Conduct, etc., in a specially prepared environment. This is an educational advantage (whereby children lose the power of absorption around the age of 6 years) by preparing a child for a lifetime of learning and success.
In the beginning the Montessori focus in preschool was on Coordination, Consecration and Independence which are developed utilizing the Montessori Philosophy with the use of didactic instructional materials. Also taking into consideration three sensitive periods of absorption, or phases in which they have a predisposition or sensitivity to learning specific skills. Through repetition, they develop an interest, an inner joy and pleasure in their spirit of their accomplishment.
In the beginning, the sensitive period for language begins at birth absorbing the mother’s voice and lip movements and tongue. Maria Montessori believed it was important for adults to converse with children continually (reading, singing, listening, etc.) during this sensitive period to avoid the possibility he/she may be irrevocably damaged. She believed it was particularly import to enriching their language and give them every opportunity to learn and form new words.
Maria Montessori stated that discipline begins when children find an activity that has some value to them. For this reason, she introduced the idea of prepared environment, an environment which allows children to have freedom to develop at their own pace after they have been shown the lesson, along with opportunities and tools need to develop concentration and to foster and cultivate the spirit of each child.
From a Biblical perspective, freedom of choice is as a man cast a seed on fertile ground that seed produces and bringing forth increase, or on stony ground that cannot produce because it has no depth or nourishment to flourish where as a Montessori prepared environment is conducive to the entire child, Spirit Soul and Body and eliminates the possibility of failure.
“Lest the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it” (Psalm 127)
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