SLE welcomes visitors to campus

Friday, November 17, 2017 0 Comments

SLE welcomes visitors to campus

Spanish Lakes Elementary welcomed Martha Gaerra-Kattou from US Century Bank, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing, as SLE's Principal of the Day. 

Gaerra-Kattou gave back to the school and to the community from greeting students in the morning, to visiting classes and partaking in lessons. She also monitored the cafeterias and in learning the ropes of running a school she appreciated the tasks taken on by the school principal, Jacqueline Arias-Gonzalez. 

SLE also welcomed Teach-A-Thon Teacher Champions, Jessica Saavedra, Wells Fargo branch manager, and her assistants, Luisa Uribe and Hector Rodriguez, to teach a fourth and fifth grade class with an informative presentation on the “The History of Money, Money Making, Money Management, and the Banking System.”  

The students interacted, participated, and learned pertinent information throughout the skillfully presented lesson. The Teach-A-Thon is a twist to a Walk-A-Thon. The private business sector supports and promotes quality education for Miami-Dade County students by having friends and family sponsor their challenging but satisfying classroom teaching experience. 

The Teacher Champions first plan with the classroom teacher and then teach their lesson to gain a first-hand insight into what it takes to be a teacher and are exposed to the enormous amount of supplementary classroom supplies teachers often supply on their own. Through The Education Fund's Teach-A-Thon, teachers benefit through stipends and grants afforded to them for innovative projects and classroom needs.

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