MLEC'S junior class leaves their 'PawPrint' - a Jaguar tradition

Thursday, September 6, 2018 0 Comments

MLEC'S junior class leaves their 'PawPrint' - a Jaguar tradition


High school is only four years long, but it is monumental. The lessons learned, both in and out of the classroom, leave an imprint. In the case of Miami Lakes Educational Center’s (MLEC) Jaguars, a paw print. 

Each year, the junior class solidifies its status as upperclassmen by the mark that the class will leave on the school. They celebrate this by designing and creating a paw that will hang on the wall of the main cafeteria. The class of 2020 revealed their mark during lunch on August 24.

“I loved it,” said Genesis Perez, science teacher and the junior class sponsor, “Especially the scratches and the art work within the scratches. I love the details and all the artwork they put into it. It was a beautiful creative way of expressing themselves.” 

The class hoped to unveil a distinct design that would not only make them stand out, but also represent their class by presenting how they see themselves and how others perceive them as well. 

“We talked to the artists, and they had some ideas so all the officers and the artists came to an agreement. As the design came to be, we continued to make adjustments here and there,” said Natalia Reboredo, president of the class of 2020. “The scratches were something unique. The scratches are like looking into the future. The UFOs and the movie references of films that look into the future. There’s a billboard saying ‘taking the throne’ and that happened because we wanted something funny as well, and purple means royalty so it all went together.”

The class of 2020 just became upperclassmen and they are wasting no time writing and designing their narrative.

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