A visit to the Garden Tomb

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A visit to the Garden Tomb
Last October 25, I enjoyed one of the greatest thrills of my life when I visited the place where Jesus was buried, also known as the Garden Tomb. It is located just outside of the old city of Jerusalem next to a hill that looks like a skull (Golgotha). Of course, it left an indelible impression upon my mind and heart. After all, the Garden Tomb is without a doubt the most historically and spiritually significant site in Christendom.
So, as I anxiously awaited my turn to go into the tomb in a long serpentine line of pilgrims, the irony that so many people had lined up to see an empty tomb did not escape me. Here we were in a line to go inside of what was tantamount to a small cave so that we could gaze upon absolutely nothing. How often do people spend good money and sacrifice precious time to see a tomb that has no one inside of it? 
As I entered the tomb where Jesus was buried I was taken aback by how narrow the entrance seemed and how small the confines were in which my Savior was given His intended final resting place. Could the greatest event in human history up to this point have taken place here? However, at some point I determined to stop focusing on the physical elements of the Garden Tomb and instead focus on what actually happened there so long ago. 
For millions upon millions of Christians throughout the world what happened at the Garden Tomb changed our lives forever. We may have lived long after Jesus resurrected, but the empty tomb still grips us. What happened at the Garden Tomb was the validation of faith, the implementation of justice, the restoration of order, the birthing of hope and the granting of life everlasting. All because Jesus was dead, but he came back to life.
Please join us on Resurrection Sunday April 21 at New Testament Baptist Church, located at 6601 N.W. 167 Street, to celebrate life and hope as we remember the most notable achievement in the history of the world, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
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