All Art Picture and Framing hosts 'Fusion Art Day' on August 13

Home Thursday, August 4, 2016

All Art Picture and Framing located at 15505 Bull Run Road will be celebrating the “Fusion Art Day” with a special gallery night event showcasing the art work of Laura Domine Buscató, Spanish Realistic painter and Miguel Payami abstract expressionist acrylic and colored pencil paintings of Dominican Republic. The event is set for August 13 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

Uruguay native, Buscató, began demonstrating her artistic ability in Venezuela in the early 90’s and attends classes at The Workshop Studio A. Pavon Visual Arts. She immigrated to Madrid in late 90’s where she continued her career as a painter. She later attended classes at The Prado Workshop Studios with the Spanish painter Pablo Santibañez Servat.

She has participated in different group exhibitions, including the exposure of Students Academy Workshop Prado in 2014, Gurugú Center in Guadarrama, Congress Spain Art Open House, and in 2015 the exhibition of painting Madrid and Valencian painting in the Hall of the Auditorium of Arroyomolinos.

Payami, the abstract expressionist acrylic, and colored pencil paintings artist, creates canvases full of energy and movement and replete with human emotion. In his artistic process, Payami uses a spatula, brush, and other instruments to lay the paint thickly onto the canvas, resulting in multi-dimensional and highly textured images, where broad swaths of color are juxtaposed with fine lines and often delicate forms.

A hallmark of Payami’s work is his use of color, which is inspired by his home in the Dominican Republic – colors that are tropical and breathing, with lots of life. Central to Payami’s work is the texture he creates on the canvas, providing depth which in turn imparts much of the emotionality and meaning contained within each image.

Payami said, “I need the texture because it represents me, it empowers me. All the detail, the combination of the color with the texture... it’s energy. It’s explosive and it lives in me until I get it out on canvas.” Payami currently lives and works in Miami.

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