Civil Engineer Stanley Merantus joins town staff

Government By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Thursday, May 4, 2023

     When Stanley Merantus was courting his wife Lynn, he would take her on dates to Main Street in Miami Lakes to shop or go to the movies.

     Merantus’ career as a civil engineer and project manager took him away from South Florida and as far as Georgia. 

     But he always wanted to return to town and reached his goal in March when he became its newest public works engineer.

     “I’ve always known Miami Lakes as one of the most beautiful towns in the Miami-Dade area,” said Merantus, 30, who lives with Lynn and their daughter in Northwest Miami-Dade County.

     In his job, Merantus said he wants to keep the town looking good while enhancing residents’ lives.

     Is the corner traffic light on the fritz? How about the progress of the big drainage digs happening around town? Merantus will likely help to manage some of those improvements.

     “I could be in the field overseeing a construction project and the following day I could be reviewing plans and making sure things are done within budget,” Merantus said. 

     The variety of projects found in civil engineering work is what makes his job exciting, he said. 

    He was previously senior project manager for the city of Douglasville, Ga. for two years and transportation engineer for Fayette County in Georgia.

     He was also a project manager for Highlands County in Sebring, Fla. and an engineer for the Board of County Commissioners in Fort Lauderdale. 

     Merantus earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, both in civil engineering, from Florida Atlantic University.  

     He graduated from North Miami Beach Senior High School.  

     “Mainly what I like about the job [is] I’m able to improve the community and enhance the infrastructure,” Merantus said. 

     Merantus hopes to also tackle drainage; bike lanes and improving intersections and crosswalks, projects that were recently funded. 

     He says his other full-time job is being a father. There is a second baby on the way. 

     And when he’s not working or spending time with his family, Merantus enjoys playing basketball. 

    Town Manager Edward Pidermann has already asked him to play for the town’s team.