Florida City Government Week winners

Education By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Friday, November 4, 2022

     During Florida City Government Week, the Town of Miami Lakes asked students in local schools to write creative stories about a bull named Cornwall who escapes his barn. 

     Three second graders from Miami Lakes K-8 Center won the contest. 

     Teacher Lizet Colet and her students Lily Martinez, at left, Maximiliano Medina, at center and Riley Lavery, at right, all won. 

     Medina’s story about Cornwall’s adventures -- enjoying popcorn at the movie theaters on Main Street, eating two pizzas at Domenico’s Italian Restaurant and, in need of healthy fare, picking up fresh produce at the Saturday Farmer’s Market on New Barn Road -- took the top prize. 

     All three kids were awarded movie tickets, a basket of candy and popcorn, and were recognized at the Nov. 1 town council meeting. 

     The purpose of Florida City Government Week is to promote understanding of municipal government and its impact upon residents.