Mater Gardens holds UMater campaign to commemorate Hispanic Heritage month

Education Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Hispanic Heritage event and kickoff to the UMater campaign took place during after-school hours on October 24 in the parking lot of Mater Gardens Academy. Mater Gardens Academy usually commemorates Hispanic Heritage month with a day-time festival, however, some teachers requested that the event be held after school hours and using it to promote the UMater campaign.

The UMater campaign is an annual fundraiser for scholarships, and supplies for students. Funds also go toward community service programs.

"The idea was great not only for the celebration and the campaign but because we were able to open our doors to the parents who usually can not participate in our festival during the day," said school principal, Lourdes Isla-Marrero. Each grade level in the K-8 center selected one Hispanic country and represented it at the festival.

Booths were set up with delicious food, traditional artifacts, and student projects. Music, flamenco dances by the students, and a dominoes tournament were some of the entertainment enjoyed by the spectators. 

One parent, Ana Herdocia said, "The Hispanic festival was beautiful and fun. My daughter and I enjoyed it very much. We danced, and ate delicious food."

"It is my daughter's first year at the school and we are delighted with the school and thought last night's event was great! We are so thankful and proud for my daughter to be a part of such a wonderful family at school," said another parent, Stefany Hernandez.

 Miami-Dade County Commissioner Esteban Bovo Jr. was also in attendance and pleased with the event that highlighted Hispanic culture.

“Congratulations to principal Isla-Marrero and the teachers of Mater Gardens Academy for their Hispanic Heritage event which promoted and taught the students the values, history, culture and traditions of the Hispanic community,” said Bovo.