Menchie's of Miami Lakes joins Spanish Lake Elementary in Dade Partners program

Education Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Spanish Lake Elementary has recently partnered with Menchie's of Miami Lakes as part of the Dade Partners Program. The Dade Partners Program seeks to build and formalize relationships between schools and businesses to support education success.

"It was such a win-win situation," said past PTA President, Paula Blanco-Ricardo. "SLE's Family Day at Menchie's of Miami Lakes enabled Menchie's to share earned money with our PTA to support the enhancement of student programs and to give family and friends a sterling opportunity to meet and enjoy outside of the school setting."

Menchie's of Miami Lakes plans on working hand-in-hand with SLE students as they will be awarded certificate cards for yogurt honoring perfect attendance, citizenship, and honor roll. Spanish Lake Elementary PTA plans to use the money from the fundraiser to supplement special events, programs and essential school items.

This was the first of many more planned monthly fundraiser with Menchie's and Spanish Lake Elementary. From the first fundraiser alone, the school earned a $500 profit from sales.