Miami Lakes seeks COVID-19 funds from county

Government Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Miami Lakes is among 34 municipalities that have asked Miami-Dade County to share federal aid to pay unexpected expenses related to the coronavirus pandemic.

     The town submitted a $6.4 million list of expenses, forecasted costs and proposed projects on Aug. 3 and updated it on Aug. 11.

     The town spent $144,977 from March 1 – June 30 for police overtime to enforce government orders and staff a testing site and ongoing food distribution events.

     It expects to spend the same amount for those costs during the remaining six months of 2020.

     About $187, 636 was spent for protective equipment for staff; supplies to deep clean town hall, public spaces, bus shelters and parks; installation of protective barriers and paid sick, family and medical leave for public employees.

     Those costs will also recur during the year.

    Items on the town’s wish list include:

-- $2.3 million for 20,000 FDA-approved, COVID-19 home test kits. The nasal swab or saliva kits -- as well as the items listed below -- would be purchased only if the county commits to funding these projects, spokeswoman

Clarisell De Cardenas said.

     Under the draft plan, a minimum of one test each would go to about 10,189 households and the rest would be distributed to populations in need, De Cardenas said.

     A vendor and type of test had not yet been chosen, she said.

--$1,050,000 for a 12-week assessment, enrichment and tutoring program for Miami Lakes parents and 1,750 students.

     Students would get a $600 voucher for local tutoring businesses to help them make up deficiencies from distance learning.

 --$2.3 million for grants to small businesses for economic relief and to reimburse the costs of halting business during government-ordered closures.

--$36,000 for another Freebee vehicle to take patients to testing sites or deliver food.

--$137,000 for touchless hand sanitizer dispensers and refills in town parks (150 locations).

--$110,000 for 11 temperature screening cameras at town facilities.

--$43,000 for computers and equipment; remote meeting licenses and software and other technology.

—Linda Trischitta

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