Miami Lakes to regulate short-term vacation rentals

Featured By David Snelling, Reporter Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Miami Lakes homeowners who want to lease their properties as short-term vacation rentals may have to comply with a new town law.

Officials have held workshops to hammer out an ordinance which the Planning and Zoning Board approved Oct. 5. It will go before the council at a future meeting.

Planning and Zoning Board member Juan C. Fernandez said he has heard complaints from two residents about noise, illegal parking and trash at one such home.

“I’ve had several residents call and say it’s not OK that there are parties next to my house every day,” Mayor Manny Cid said.

“It is a tough issue,” Cid said. “Should be there be regulation locally? Absolutely.

“There has to be some sort of oversight,” Cid said. “It’s not fair for someone who was used to a certain quality of life.”

The proposed law says homeowners who advertise and rent for short terms may have to register with Miami-Dade County to pay tourist taxes; register with the Florida Dept. of Revenue; be licensed by the Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation; register with the town and apply for a certificate of use, get the property inspected and pay a Business Tax Receipt.

Also, provide proof of notification to a homeowner’s association and consent from the HOA or condo complex; supply a 24-hour, emergency phone contact; present a copy of the rental/lease form and keep a register of all occupants.

It also calls for compliance with safety regulations for pools, smoke and carbon monoxide detection and informing tenants about ordinances for noise, parking and garbage collection. Maximum occupancy would be two people per sleeping room, plus two additional persons who may use a pull-out sofa.

The town would set up a hotline to receive complaints.