New campaign begins for child safety

Community Thursday, November 19, 2020

Nancy Rogers was babysitting her grandson when she came up with the idea of a way to warn drivers that kids were playing nearby.

     And as chair of the Miami Lakes Public Safety Committee, she could put her idea into action.

     In November, signs like the one above that say “Drive like your kids live here” began popping up around town parks and in some of the larger residential communities.

     The idea, Rogers said, was to alert drivers to the presence of children, and to get motorists to consider that a child playing in a park may run into the street after a ball or to chase a friend.

      The committee’s project comes at a time when residents have been complaining about drivers who speed in town.

     There are about 50 signs installed so far, Rogers said.

      “It’s a temporary solution, in the hope that drivers watch out for kids,” Rogers said.

     Residents who wish to have a sign for their yard may call town hall to request one, at 305-364-6100.

    The sign should not be placed outside of a homeowner’s yard or on a swale, Rogers said.

--David Snelling

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