Nominate students, teachers for Education Awards

Education By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Wednesday, March 15, 2023

     The Town of Miami Lakes and its Education Advisory Board are calling for nominations for the 2nd Annual Awards of Excellence. 

     The awards highlight student achievements made through the school year, and recognize a teacher for selfless service. 

    With the permission of parents, students may be nominated by their educators, coaches and mentors. 

     Teachers may be put forward by their colleagues, mentors and parents. 

     Students in the 5th, 8th or 12th grades may participate; they should have achieved in their specific categories and must be residents of Miami Lakes. 

     Nominations will be accepted until March 31 and there may be three winners in each category. 

     Forms may be filled out here:

     From the town’s description of categories:

Athletics: Where a student expressed leadership and made contributions in individual and team sports within the school or community, which includes coaching, assisting recreation programs and other athletic activities that provide well-being to the community. 

Business: A nominee should have entrepreneurial plans and experience in accounting, marketing and consumer education. Students should have belonged to business clubs such as Future Business Leaders of America or Distributive Education Clubs of America and have used technology to administer business studies for the welfare of the community. 

Community Hero: Highlights students who do an outstanding job volunteering in ways that benefit fellow students, school or community through a service project, program or selfless acts. 

English and Literature: For students who show a deeper appreciation and knowledge of the English language. The award is for students who inspire individual expression through scripted communication, serving as a reading tutor or cultivating a passion for reading. 

Fine Arts: The nominee may be in visual or performing arts and can express creative abilities through drawing; painting; graphic design; photography; acting; directing; composing original scripts or music; performance in both vocal and instrumental music; dance and assisting with productions … and encourages admiration for the visual or performing arts. 

Journalism: Students may express their skills in writing, reporting, editing and/or photography published in a newspaper, magazine or on an electronic media site … and assists individuals in a school; church or civic organization. 

Local Advocacy: Students who have knowledge of current events, history, civics and political science. She or he is active in student government, and also advocates for local, state and federal government issues. Students participate in debates; organize public forums or volunteer for social service organizations or health and human services agencies. 

STEM: Students study advanced mathematics, technology, sciences and engineering to benefit the community. Students can also create multi-media works using STEM via a webpage, text; pictures; video; animation or sound. 

Outstanding Educator of the Year: Teachers must demonstrate leadership; exceptional teaching practices in the classroom; provide innovative or consistently outstanding support and/or service, and go above and beyond the requirements of his or her job description in both the community and at school. 

     Winners will be announced later in the spring and celebrated at an awards ceremony.